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Vehicles stranded on Srinagar streets for hours on Monday

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


Hundreds of vehicles were locked in several traffic jams on many roads of Srinagar city leading to chaos and confusion and forcing them to remain in their vehicles for hours.

Even the ambulances could not get the way at several junctions in Srinagar city adding to the problems of those people who were carrying patients to different hospitals.

Traffic authorities were trying to clear the jam at many places but they could not respond properly to the situation, leading to people to suffer on the roads.

There has been a lot of confusion in different wings of the government from snow clearance to clearing the roads for two way traffic and plus the traffic police have been trying to fine the people amid such jams leading to further confusion.

There has been no visible administration in Srinagar city after the recent heavy snowfall and the snow clearance operations have been full of flaws and one wing of the government blaming the other for such flaws.


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