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Families contest

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The families of the three slain militants have contested all the claims of the army and police about the killing and gunfight and have demanded not only the bodies back but also an impartial investigation into this entire episode.

The families have written letters to the authorities and have asked the police to investigate and bring the real picture before them. In one of the letters, the families have said, “That the said Mohd Maqbool Ganie along with the locals of the village went to the PCR, and where the father of the found the dead body of his son and told the PCR to hand over the body of the son, but the authority did not return the body to his father,” the application said. It said the father of the victim was astonished when the PCR authorities told him that his son was a militant and declined to hand over his body.

“The deceased was a student and had no criminal background and there is no FIR registered against him. The deceased was not remotely connected with any anti-national activity and that the question of his joining militancy does not arise at all. The killing of the deceased is a very brutal and calculated one which is against the law of the land and also hits the democracy and Indian Constitution,” the application read. It said their son’s killing is a gross violation of human rights. “It is, therefore, requested that the dead body of Ajaz be handed over to the family for last rites. Also, an impartial inquiry be conducted to serve justice,” the letter concluded.

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