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Sitting below the belt

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In the recently concluded DDC elections in Jammu and Kashmir, BJP has been carrying out a lot of attacks on PAGD leadership. Even Union Home Minister called this alliance as the Gupkar Gang and most of the BJP leaders who came here for campaigning called PAGD as dynasts, corrupt and anti-national people. BJP has been linking this leadership from Pakistan to China in order to discredit them among the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The reaction of former chief minister and PAGD leader Omar Abdullah has been to such accusations made by BJP during the campaign.

Omar Abdullah said had they lost the polls, the ruling BJP would have described them as anti-nationals, opportunist, pro-Pakistan. He said since their win is not getting digested by the BJP and their supporters, they are saying that democracy has won in Jammu and Kashmir.

Those people who couldn’t digest that People’s Alliance has won, they have to say something to say and they are saying democracy has won. God forbid if they would have lost, these people would have said that the alliance has lost, opportunists have lost, anti-nationals have lost, pro-Pakistanis have lost,” Omar Abdullah said was quoted recently in the media while addressing his party workers after the win.

“Now we haven’t lost and they are not digesting that the People’s Alliance has succeeded, they are saying democracy has won. When have we said we don’t have faith in democracy? But you have no trust in us and it is a different matter. We have been saying from day one we will fight for our rights but not through illegal means. We will fight for our rights but not through unconstitutional means. We are not here to disturb the atmosphere of this state. We are here to improve the atmosphere of this state,” Omar was quoted further in the media while reacting to BJP accusations.

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