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New covid strain

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When the world was preparing for the vaccination programme to save the vulnerable section of people from this infection, the new covid strain was detected in the UK, sending alarm bells throughout the entire globe.

India suspended all flights from and to the UK until December 31, amid concerns about a new variant of SARS-CoV-2 that is “spreading & growing rapidly” there. Several other countries, too, have suspended UK flights and imposed travel restrictions.

It is going to impact not only the economy but also the gradual ease of travel across the world. Doctors have yet to give some official briefing about the spread of this new strain and its impact on the human body.

The UK had already started vaccination and in fact it was the first country to vaccinate its people against covid-19. In most of the countries health wings are preparing a distribution chain and vaccination chain but the detection of new strains will certainly impact this programme.

In our Jammu and Kashmir, we have also held several meetings at the official level for the vaccination programme, but the impact of new strain will surely delay the entire process.

If the doctors will not immediately after research, come out with some remedy, it will be having an economic crisis also in the entire world. Jammu and Kashmir is reeling under economic depression and the detection of new strains is not good news for the common people here.

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