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Post covid economy

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Jammu and Kashmir has yet to come in grips with the situation prevailing on the economic front especially after the covid lockdown. Already Kashmir has seen a disruption of life for months together due to the uncertain situation and the covid lockdown has crippled them completely.

How to move on the economic front post covid lockdown is the real question being asked by the business community of Kashmir. In order to answer their questions recently Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha in a virtual CII summit said, “To revive economic growth, we need to act innovatively and at a pace faster than pre-COVID era. Each and every sector of our economic wheel is interdependent on one another just like the countries in a globalized world are deeply connected for economic cooperation and speeding up industrial growth while improving living conditions for their own people”.

When the Prime Minister announced a special economic and comprehensive package of Rs.20 Lakh Crore for Aatma Nirbhar Bharat, he gave a vision that self-reliance is different from being self-centered and India has a lot of potential to contribute to the development of the entire humanity, he added.

The Lt Governor congratulated CII on its 125th anniversary and commended the organization for doing a great job for growing new business and being the voice of change and leadership for existing ones.

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