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Unfortunate incident

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During the DDC elections by and large, people have voted peacefully and there were no incidents of violence. Unfortunately in the last phase of the election at Poonch at least five persons were injured in a clash between supporters of two contesting candidates at a polling station in Salwah area of Mendhar-C.

Such clashes are unfortunate and such signs of violence on the ground is not good for the conducting of elections in order to empower the common people.

Reports have said that it was a clash between the supporters of two candidates, one belonging to PAGD. The injuries to five persons are something very alarming and the authorities must fix the responsibility so that such incidents of violence do not happen in future and this becomes an example to send a message that it is not tolerable.

Despite chills and a lot of problems on the ground Kashmir valley has reported none of such incidents in all the phases of elections so far. Election related violence has been always minimum in Jammu and Kashmir and this incident of Poonch certainly is the matter of concern for all the political parties.

Political differences are ok and everyone has a right to ask for the votes but such acrimony on the ground should not turn into violence. Police should not take it as an ordinary incident but should immediately arrest the people for inciting the violence and book them.

Political parties should also discourage such violent elements and should throw out such rowdy elements from their rank and file so that the electoral politics clean and totally away from violence.

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