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LPG gas cylinder prices hiked; check new rates

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The price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has been hiked again. The price of a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder for domestic use has been increased by Rs 50. The price of 5kg short cylinder has been increased by Rs 18 and the price of a 19 kg cylinder has been increased by Rs 36.50.

According to Indian Oil Corporation, a non-subsidised 14.2 kg gas cylinder in Delhi will now cost Rs 644, while it will be Rs 670.50 in Kolkata, Rs 644 in Mumbai and Rs 660 in Chennai. Before the hike, the same cost Rs 594 in Delhi, Rs 620.50 in Kolkata, Rs 594 in Mumbai and Rs 610 in Chennai.

The price of LPG gas cylinders, determined by state-run oil companies, is revised on a monthly basis.

The price of a commercial cylinder has been hiked by Rs 54.50. It now costs Rs 1,296 in Delhi.

Indian households are allowed a maximum of 12 LPG cylinder purchases per year at subsidised rates. They have to be bought at full price at the time of purchase. The subsidy is later credited to the customer’s account by the government. The subsidy varies from month to month due to the fluctuations in average international LPG prices and the foreign exchange rate. LPG cylinder prices are determined on the basis of the variations in the average international LPG prices and the exchange rate of US dollar and rupee.


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