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Soccer in snowfall, youngsters enjoying the play at TRC

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


Sudden snowfall in Srinagar city has brought smiles on the faces of people especially among the youngsters. Football fever is still in the minds of youngsters who assembled at TRC ground and enjoyed their practice session in the snow covered ground.

Most of the young boys of Srinagar city have been inclined to play football and the cold weather especially the winter months do not deter them from playing the game.

Recently in the memory Marodona despite the chill and winter, football players in order to pay their tributes to this great legend of this game, played under lights a football match despite chilly winter evening.

Football is a game being loved by the youngsters of Srinagar city and in this photo feature; these are some of the glimpses of these young boys braving cold and snow to play their favorite game.

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