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Valid questions

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PAGD has been accusing the administration of not allowing them to for the campaign and move freely to canvas in the current DDC elections and the focus has been again on the PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti who was again detained by police at her Gupkar residence, though the police have already denied it.

PAGD candidates for DDC elections have been questioning the intentions of the government about not providing them proper security to campaign though the State Election Commissioner has denied such reports and has asked such candidates to inform his office or the district police chief’s if there is any such complaint.

Mehbooba Mufti has been very vocal against the BJP policies in UT of Jammu and Kashmir and has said that she along with other leaders of Kashmir will fight it out with the government provided they give the space to political dissent.

PDP Chief has blamed the central government for ignoring the sentiment of people of Jammu and Kashmir and by the fresh laws and amendments disempowering them. In the recent past after the amendments of the land laws there have been widespread protests even in the Jammu region as the PAGD leadership claimed that Jammu and Kashmir has been put on sale by the BJP government.

In such backdrop, frequent alleged detentions of PAGD leadership especially that of Mehbooba Mufti has raised valid questions in the political circles of Jammu and Kashmir that the political dissent is not getting any space while as the BJP and their cohorts were having all the facilities and security cover to move about and campaign in Jammu and Kashmir during the current DDC elections.

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