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From Sunday market to private coaching centers, no Sop’s for pandemic

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


Thousands of people without adhering to Sop’s and even to the basics like wearing masks were seen in the crowded Sunday market with no sign of authorities to stop such activities amid the growing threat of pandemic.

Similarly district administration Srinagar along with the divisional administration of Kashmir decided to close down all the schools and educational institutions till December 31, 2020 due to the growing coronavirus cases here.

While recently much to the surprise of parents all the coaching centers in Srinagar were allowed to open, hundreds of parents along with their wards come on daily basis to these private institutions while at the same time the same administration has closed the government run facilities on the basis of corona threat.

“The way these private institutions are operating, there is no basic precaution and they can become super spreaders of coronavirus if the authorities will not check how these coaching centers are operating in Srinagar”, said Abdul Majeed one of the parents who was waiting for his son to come out from one of the private coaching centers at Rajbagh.

In most of these coaching centers, the students are coming without masks, no Sop’s are being adhered to and even sanitizers are lacking in many such institutes.

Similarly the transport facilities being provided by some of the owners of these private coaching centers are maintaining no social distance in the students while hurdling them into these vehicles to fetch them and to drop them.

Parents and many social activists have appealed to Director Education Kashmir and CEO Srinagar to visit these coaching centers at least at the time of end of a shift to understand how these coaching centers can become super spreaders of coronavirus.

When this newspaper contacted Director Education Kashmir Muhammad Younis to know what the government will do to check such violations, he said that very soon checking squads will go to every private institute and assured that action would be taken if there are violations of the norms set by the government due to the current pandemic.

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