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Youth want to redefine life and business in present circumstances

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha while delivering a keynote address at the IIT-2020 Global Summit, organized by PanIIT USA, said that youth have become the main force to change the dynamics of business. He said that in the present world there are huge opportunities and youth is ready to become entrepreneurs and contribute to self-reliant Jammu and Kashmir.

He stressed on inclusive and people-centric policies to create sustainable development and such an environment will provide the opportunities to youth to show their mettle.

Discussing ‘Aatm Nirbhar Jammu Kashmir’ Sinha said that the youth of Kashmir will show that they have the potential to grow and make Jammu and Kashmir sublime.

“We have a conducive environment, a robust grass-root democratic system and talented young men and women armed with new ideas to set up innovative business and services,” he was quoted as saying in the summit.

Sinha also suggested four mantras for the ‘Present’ and a ‘New Future’-Peace, Progress, Prosperity and People-First.

“In order to create sustainable development, our growth prospects must depend on policies that are inclusive, people-centric. We are nourishing our business ecosystem to life and engineering the sustainable future,” he added.

Sinha said now that we are becoming a ‘remote society’ in which virtual is the new normal, there is a hastened demand for closer cooperation between academia and the industry.

“In India we have an oasis of talent, it may look like a small drop on the global stage, but they are tributaries of a great river of technology innovation and evolution. IITs and IITians have again demonstrated their capabilities by coming up with innovative solutions to tackle COVID,” he said.

He further emphasised that the ‘appetite for solutions’ that is in harmony with nature and humankind is much more today to ‘facilitate the smoother transformation from withering away pre-covid to post-covid era world is eagerly awaiting for’.

The Lieutenant Governor said that the world economy would require an extensive focus on at least 6 sectors- Infrastructure, Services, Industries, Start-ups, Agriculture and Technology where new entrepreneurs would need handholding and other assistance.

“The industry sector in today’s environment requires a new language – of re-engineering, of creative solutions, of transforming small and medium enterprises,” he added.

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