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People of Ladakh waiting

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After the assurances by the Union Home Minister Amit Shah to the joint leadership of Ladakh before the LAHDC Leh election that after these elections union government will announce the new law which will preserve the land, jobs and culture of Ladakh region, this leadership decided to participate in the elections after the initial boycott call.

Even after LAHDC elections are over and BJP led council is heading this administrative set up centre is silent about the new law promised by them to the people of Ladakh.

Now the Leh leadership has decided to have a common ground with the leadership of Kargil so that they can talk in one voice to the BJP government at the centre for the future status of this region.

Ahead of talks with the Union home ministry about the status of Ladakh region, the Peoples Movement for Sixth Schedule, a group of religious and political parties, recently held a discussion with Kargil Democratic Alliance to form a consensus about the future of Ladakh.

The leaders of Leh and Kargil said they would jointly oppose any step that goes against the interests of the Ladakh region. The leaders said both the regions would oppose any anti-Ladakh legislation jointly.

The Peoples Movement of Sixth Schedule which includes the BJP has been formed by all political and religious groups in Leh to get Sixth Schedule status for Ladakh region, whereas, Kargil Democratic Alliance, a conglomerate of all religious and political groups of Kargil is asking for full statehood of Ladakh with a chief ministerial post.

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