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Stakes are high

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Stakes are very high both for PAGD and BJP in the current elections of DDC as the campaign is going on according to the different phases of these elections.

While Mehbooba Mufti recently said that the government of India should talk to people of Jammu and Kashmir along with Pakistan to resolve this issue, BJP hit back at her and said that all those people who have betrayed the nation will find themselves behind the bars.

This is not for the first time that the JK chief of BJP has said that PAGD leaders would be arrested for their separatist’s statements and has been accusing them of being anti-national and pro-Pakistan.

Mehbooba Mufti said that participation of the people in these local elections has no bearing on the Kashmir issue and it can be resolved by talking to Pakistan.

Leveling serious allegations on the Central leadership of BJP, in the recent press conference she said that if the government of India can talk to china even after they have taken our land in Ladakh what is wrong in talking to Pakistan. She had a question and said is it because Pakistan is a Muslim country government of India does not want to talk as everything is communal now in this country.

PAGD knows that they have a lot of stakes in the current elections and they are hopeful people of Kashmir valley and also in the hilly regions of Pir Panchal people will vote in their favor.

BJP has one more problem in Jammu region as they have the vote cutters in the form of JKNPP which is opposing the recent land laws and other such decisions taken by the central government and have called all these amendments as anti-Jammu and against the wishes of the people living there.

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