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Waheed arrest, angers Mehbooba accuse BJP of persecuting Kashmiri Muslims

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


While NIA has formally arrested  PDP youth wing President and close party activist of Mehbooba on Wednesday Mehbooba said that he was being falsely implicated by NIA and said that court should now give the justice to this youth leader who in spite of being jailed for one year preferred democracy and not violence by filing nomination papers for the coming DDC elections.

In series of tweets Mehbooba Mufti has accused BJP of implementing Gujarat model of persecuting Muslims in Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir and said that this is the new Kashmir they want to make.

Charging most of the media being in the lap of the Modi government Mehbooba in a tweet said, “Godi Gang’s desperation to please their masters without checking facts is evident. Otherwise they’d know that the PDP office both in Srinagar & Jammu is rented accommodation & NOT owned by the party. Shame on this Godi Gang for misleading people”.

Responding to the arrest of Waheed, Mehbooba said in a tweet, “Waheed has no connection whatsoever with this man & is being falsely charged. All just to blackmail & intimidate PDP & other mainstream political parties in J&K”.

In a series of tweets she blamed BJP for using Gujrat model of persecuting Muslims in Kashmir also. She said in a tweet, “Gujarat model of persecuting Muslims is in full swing since August 2019 in J&K. This is the Naya Kashmir they want us to live in”.

In another tweet she said, “BJP milks illegal scrapping of Article 370 in every nook & corner of the country. But when it comes to Kashmiris questioning its abrogation they are locked up & punished. Everyone knows at whose behest Devinder Singh worked for. Ironic that they have the gall to blame others”.

In another tweet she said, “PDP’s @parawahid applauded by then HM @rajnathsingh for strengthening democracy in J&K has been arrested on baseless charges by NIA today. No coincidence that he filed his nomination for DDC on 20th Nov & received NIA summons next day itself”.

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