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Will the US change its policy?

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Abki Bar Trump Sarkar, was the comment of Indian Prime Minister Narindra Modi as he was very keen to see Donald Trump in White House for the second term. Trump maintained a tactical silence on India’s new citizenship laws and alleged human rights violations in Kashmir. However, he made India clarify when Trump offered to mediate between India and Pakistan to sort out tensions between the two countries including on Kashmir.

Joe-Bidden and other democrats were very vocal about Kashmir especially after the abrogation of Article 370. After August 5, 2019, soon after the Centre stripped Jammu and Kashmir of special status under Article 370 and split it into two Union Territories, democrats said to the media, “We have to remind Kashmiris they are not alone in the world.”  Kamala Harris who will be now Vice-President at that time said, “We are keeping a track on the situation. There is a need to intervene if the situation demands.”

Democrats were very vocal about the minorities in India, especially after the NRC and CAA agitation. Will they keep the same tempo in White House is the question being asked by the experts who have an eye on all the developments at the global level.

Will the new dispensation in the US keep their word about the minority protection and about the Kashmir seems not possible. US and India have come so close to contain China that Joe-Bidden will have to carry forward the relationship to the new heights and will not like to annoy India on such issues.

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