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Heritage garden of emporium showing its grandeur in autumn

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


Heritage garden of emporium is not only shrinking but the successive governments have made a number of offices within the garden. In autumn this garden shows its grandeur among the mighty Chinars and other priceless trees planted by Britishers when it used to be the residence of residents.

One of the rare trees brought to Kashmir by Britishers and planted in emporium garden. It looks stunning in autumn Pic by Tariq Shah

For the road widening near the TRC crossing, a lot of land was taken by the government from this emporium garden. Similarly now there is a proposal for another bridge near the new zero bridge and it will also pass through this garden.

Silence talks within the garden as a young boy is watching the stillness of autumn in emporium garden Pic by Tariq Shah

In autumn, the stillness in this garden and the whispers by the falling Chinars trees is something for the nature watchers. In the evenings there is the music of birds chirping within the garden as most of the trees in this garden are the nests of these birds.

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