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Craftsmen of wood carving no longer want to be in the trade

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By: Mudasir Ahmad Khan VOV


Wood carving art is dying and the workers who really give their sweat and blood while carving these images on the wood are now fed up with this trade.

Bashir Ahmad who is running a wood carving centre at Khanyar locality of Srinagar is concerned about the duplicate wood carving items being imported to Kashmir and sold in market in the name of Kashmir wood carving.

Pic by Mudasir Ahmad Khan

He said that he will not allow his children to carry on this business for their family for generations as it is not even fetching them the money for survival.

Bashir said that since August 5, 2019, all the items of wood carving are in his workshop as the orders have not been taken by the exporters. He said that there are no takers of their art in the present circumstances and they feel now that this business cannot be carried on.

Pic by Mudasir Ahmad Khan

There are many wood carving workshops in downtown Srinagar as hundreds of families were involved in this business. Most of these craftsmen are also not happy the way big exporters are treating them.

“We give them some wood carving items for Rs 5000, they export it and sell it at Rs 1 lac. We are not even getting what is due to us. Why should we carry on in these workshops and kill the future of our wards. We want them to do some other business and not waste their life like us” Bashir Ahmad told this reporter.

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