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Frequent traffic jams in Polo View through life out of gear

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Frequent traffic jams on Monday irked people especially the people with private transport as the traffic cops were not able to clear the road for hours. People and traders in the Polo View area up to regal chowk have blamed the traffic authorities for the frequent traffic jams. Traders said that traffic cops come with pickup vehicles to take away the wrongly parked cars and it also contributes to the frequent traffic jams.

Many people outside the traffic department near Polo View said that despite the present circumstances and frequent lockdowns, traffic cops were not only slapping heavy fines on the transporters but also on the youth who come to Lal Chowk for getting study material etc. Most of the youth were seen arguing with the traffic authorities that they don’t have the required fine money to get back their bikes and other motor vehicles.

Traffic cops in the past few weeks have been imposing heavy fines on the transporters adding to their anger and frustration. Many transporters said that if the traffic department will continue to harass them they will keep their vehicles parked in the stands as they have been without any business from the past 15 months.

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