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Politics in Jammu

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Jammu has been silent for a long time after the abrogation of article 370. Silence is breaking now as the people of Jammu region have realized that they are facing an economic crisis and also now the crisis of existence. These fears have come to the focus after the recent amendments in the land laws by the central government as any outsider can come now and purchase land in Jammu without any difficulties or hassles.

These laws have now made entire Jammu vulnerable to be purchased by the business tycoons from other states especially their industrial areas. In Jammu, it was a mixed response after the tricolor controversy triggered by Mehbooba Mufti. Most of the people opposed her in Jammu and even her three leaders resigned from the party, accusing her of trying to further separatist agenda.

It all changed when the Union Home Ministry amended land laws, as people of Jammu feel they are most vulnerable for getting the buyers to their land.

Talking to media former lawmaker and PDP leader Surinder Choudhary, said after the protest in Jammu that the government should roll back new land laws as now the outsiders can come and buy land in Jammu and Kashmir.

In Jammu almost all the political parties have held protest demonstrations against the amendments in land laws including PDP. There is a lot of anger visible on the streets of Jammu and they feel betrayed by the BJP government at the centre as they expected a better deal for their youth and safeguards for their land.

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