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By: Tariq Shah VOV


Mehbooba Mufti on Thursday tried to come out from her Gupkar residence to protest against the new land laws, notified by Union Home Ministry but police did not allow her to come out. However she talked to media present outside her residence and said that she will not allow BJP to loot and plunder resources of Kashmir.

Warning BJP not to test patience of common people, Mehbooba said that she is ready to take on the government on the streets of Kashmir with the help of people.

Cautioning BJP not to suppress people of Kashmir, she said that if they have so much of power they should use it to take on China and not use it on hapless Kashmiris.

Mehbooba said that Kashmir has been converted into jail and blamed the BJP government for not respecting any laws and doing whatever they want with people Kashmir.

She claimed that BJP government has a communal agenda to implement in Kashmir and said that these intentions of central government would be defeated by people of Jammu and Kashmir. “Kashmir has been turned into a jail. Nobody is allowed to express himself. Neither Journalists or allowed to talk, nor Civil Society and Politicians. People in Bihar demand jobs and food from BJP and this party tells them to go to Kashmir and purchase land there. BJP can’t think beyond elections. It is befooling people and using Kashmir in every election.”

“Go and get the land occupied by China that has killed so many soldiers. No, BJP can’t and won’t do this because it can’t overpower China. It is suppressing the helpless people of Kashmir,” a local news agency quoted Mehbooba while talking to media.

Hailing the common people of Jammu for bringing out protest against the new land laws she said that people of Ladakh are also now thinking on the same lines as a people of Kashmir about the intentions of central government.

“BJP wants to loot the land and resources of Jammu and Kashmir. People of Ladakh were airlifted to Delhi when they started protesting against the BJP’s diktats. They want to loot everything from Kashmir and we won’t allow them to do so,” Mehbooba said.

Calling BJP senior ministers as twitter politicians with a hint towards PM Modi she said that people and leadership of Kashmir are not going to watch silently for the recent amendments to all the laws here.

Attacking the capitalist of India for being hand in glove with BJP she said, “A poor who lacks food and clothes can’t buy land here but this new land law diktat is for those rich capitalists who are hand in glove with the BJP”.

Blaming Modi for ruining the foundation of the country she said that Kashmiris were always targeted by New Delhi but now people of Ladakh and Jammu have started getting the same treatment. She said, “Modi has ruined the whole country and BJP’s communal intent is clear now”.

Mehbooba while concluding her press briefing said, “Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil mein hai, dekhna ki zor kitna baazu-e-qatil mein hai.”

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