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Nadroo cultivation is growing in Dal and Nigeen, making growers happy

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


It was a pall of gloom for the Nadroo growers in Dal Lake when the flood waters September 2014, destroyed its chambers within the lake and they were having no clue how to restart Nadroo cultivation.

Some old growers got the seed of Nadroo from the other water bodies like Manasbal and took lot of efforts to restart Nadroo cultivation in Dal and Nigeen lakes.

“In the past three years we have been able to cultivate lot of Nadroo in Dal Lake and we are getting good price in the market for it especially in this autumn season” said Nazir Ahmad who is Nadroo cultivator within the water body of Dal.

There is a chain of people as most of the Dal dwellers are selling these Nadroos on the pavement of Dal Lake especially on the Foreshore Road. Most of these people are growers themselves and are trying to minimize the possibilities of sending it to wholesale market.

“We sell our Nadroo during the day on the Foreshore Road and it gives us good money instead of selling it in the vegetable Mandi” said Ali Muhammad who is selling Nadroo to people on the pavement of Dal Lake.

In the autumn season many families in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir cook Nadroo with fish and it is delicious food item for them during this season.

The Nadroo being cultivated in Kashmir has its own taste as lot of Nadroo is coming now from Jammu as it is been grown allegedly in the contaminated water.

Most of the people prefer only Kashmiri Nadroo and it is one of the winter dishes for every home in Srinagar.


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