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Migration of covid patients

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Government has failed to set right the crumbling health care system in Jammu region and same is the condition of government health care system in Kashmir valley.

According to the recent media reports due to the surge in covid positive cases in Jammu families are shifting Covid-19 patients to hospitals in Punjab for better management.

Disruption of oxygen supply in the government run hospitals of Jammu designated as covid hospitals is going on despite the fact that the government acted against the officials responsible for such callous behavior and suspended many of them.

As the problem persists, there is a scare among the families of all the covid positive patients in jammu and many of them told the media that they have shifted their patients to Jalander and other areas of Punjab for the better management of their dear ones.

The growing allegation in Jammu that covid positive patients have died due to the medical negligence has got prompt response from the government and from Chief Secretary to Health Secretary and to Advisor to Governor everyone has visited jammu hospitals to streamline the system.

It is sad that such allegations have come from Kashmir valley also but there is not such prompt response from the administration to set right the health care system as negligence deaths in Kashmir valley in the government run hospitals have increased especially in the covid designated hospitals.

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