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Srinagar stinks as SMC fails to pay for petrol of its vehicles

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By: Tariq Shah


Piles of garbage are all one can see on the roads of Srinagar on Friday as the vehicles of SMC do not have the petrol to carry the garbage to the dumping site of Saida Pora Achan.

Reports said that SMC has no money to pay to the petrol pump where petrol was being procured for these vehicles by the corporation. Reports said that the owner of the petrol pump has stopped the supply as he has a huge pending bill with the corporation.

Heaps of garbage were dumped on the roads especially on the boulevard road of Srinagar by the SMC officials as they have failed to bring the vehicle back on the roads due to the lack of petrol.

With hot sunny days, the entire Srinagar city is stinking due to the heaps of garbage while no SMC official was available for the comments for the delay to lift the garbage from the streets of Srinagar.

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