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Worth probe

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The high rate of covid deaths in Jammu and Kashmir with the spread of infection at an alarming pace is a matter worth probe as the officials in the past few months have misled the common people that they have brought the infection under control and the constant lockdown had given them the required results.

Facts on the ground are very grim and they need investigation as many families who have suffered losses due to covid infection have given a lot of details about how the hospitals have treated the patients.

Health officials both in Jammu and Srinagar have shot many letters to their higher ups asking for immediate training to doctors and paramedical staff to handle ventilators and patients on them.

They have been intimating the higher ups from the past six months to prepare additional beds, get equipment and order more ventilators due to the spread of Covid-19 but no response from them.

Most of the ventilators are yet to be used for the covid patients as the UT administration has no staff available who can make the ventilators operational.

With the result, the administration has spoiled the crucial time provided by the lockdown to train the paramedical staff and doctors for the ventilators as hundreds of ventilators dispatched to UT of Jammu and Kashmir have not even been used.

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