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Winter is going to be hot both in Ladakh and in Kashmir valley as the border tensions are scaling high in the past few weeks. Villagers are ready to face the cruel winters and also the possibility of limited war as there is growing tension on the borders.

Winters are definitely going to be hot whether it is LOC or LAC people of Jammu and Kashmir are passing through a crucial phase. Villagers have more worries now as the winter stocking is not enough and the financial health in the rural areas is also poor due to the disruption of life for more than 13 months now.

Disturbing reports both from LAC in Ladakh and from the different sectors of LOC in Jammu and Kashmir have resulted in fresh fears among the common people about the possibility of “two front war”.

Recently Chief of Defense Staff Bipin Rawat told the media that Islamabad was trying to infiltrate more and more militants. He warned Islamabad not to hot up borders in Jammu and Kashmir and said that heavy losses would be inflicted on them in case of any misadventure.

Many army commanders on ground have also said that there is a lot of troop movement from across the border and said that they were ready to face them if at all they go for any misadventure.

Lt Gen BS Raju, General-Officer-in-Command of XV Corps, told the media a few days back that they have “alerted all formations to keep a check on  the borders and also stop any infiltration attempts.

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