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People in Srinagar prefer chicken, beef over fresh vegetables

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By: Tariq Ahmad Shah


Vegetables shops in Srinagar city are without any customers most of the time during these days of September as the prices have gone up in the wholesale markets.

Now most of the residents in Srinagar city prefer to buy chicken and beef as the mutton and fresh vegetables are out of their pocket reach. While talking to this reporter one of the shopkeepers at Dalgate said that these days prefer to get less fresh vegetables from the main Mandi as the purchasing power among the customers is less.

Abdul Gaffar in Srinagar has been selling fresh vegetables from past so many years but has never seen such a slump in the market. “Green peas are to be sold at RS 130/KG, Tomatoes at RS 70/KG and even the potatoes are being sold at RS 60/KG” said one of the retailers who is selling fresh vegetables in the civil lines areas of Jawahar Nagar.

With prices of fresh vegetables going up there is no market regulation and the shopkeepers have appealed to the government to go into the wholesale market of fresh vegetables to control the prices rather than doing photo ops for the media by arresting some vegetable shopkeepers in a by lane of Srinagar.

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