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Story of two teachers in Kupwara, suffering for the mistakes of higher ups

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By: Tariq Shah


Farooq Ahmad Malik is a regular teacher now in the government school of Goose Kupwara and he is handicapped. In the past four months he is without salary and his file along with another teacher Rehana is not moving in the Chief Education Office of Kupwara.

Talking to this reporter these two teachers said that their salary has been stopped and DDO who is the principal of this school has stopped the salary on the instructions of Chief Education Officer Kupwara Abdul Hamid Fani.

Now these two teachers are being told by the officials in the CEO office of Kupwara to pursue their case in Srinagar in the office of Directorate of Education.

While it is the mistake of the officers but the impact of this mistake is on the families of these two teachers who are without pay, while they have committed no mistake. According to the data and letters available with this newspaper, the CEO has written to the principal of Goose School that their salaries have been released from ahead which was not meant for these two teachers.

Instead of taking up their case with the Directorate of Education, CEO Kupwara has stopped the salaries of these two teachers and has reportedly told them to take up their case in Srinagar rather than accepting that the mistake has being committed by the DDO and it has been a mistake of CEO office to release the salaries from ahead which was not meant for them.

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