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Rapid covid testing held at Jamia Masjid Buchwara

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By: Tariq Shah


On Wednesday, authorities along with equipment and testing kits reached Buchwara locality of Dalgate and asked people to assemble in the Jamia Masjid compound for rapid testing for Covid-19 infection.

Dozens of people including women and children came out from their homes for the rapid testing and most of them had a sigh of relief as they turned out to be negative of the virus.

According to the locals during the rapid testing most of the people from the locality tested negative. Rapid testing was also held for the shopkeepers of Buchwara area and most of them negative. “Out of 150 people tested till noon, only one person tested positive”, said Fida Hussain Raja of Buchwara.

Rapid testing was being held in the adjacent areas also and the people living in Dalgate area have hailed the efforts of the health department and administration to go for such testing as many of them were living under fear that they may have got the infection.

People living in Buchwara and adjacent localities where having the fears that they may have got the infection as they live very near to the covid designated hospital for Srinagar known as Chest Disease hospital of Srinagar.

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