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Ram Madhav Obsessed With Gupkar Resolution: Prof. Saifuddin Soz

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“Mr. Ram Madhav, the RSS/BJP General Secretary, seems to be considerably distraught that Gupkar (Srinagar) had shown some signs of becoming the epicentre of Kashmir Mainstream Unity.”

He added that Mr. Ram Madhav has said, constitutes his taste for showing an aura of power, born out of his misplaced perception about the permanence of RSS/BJP combine at the Centre!
He wondered that It is tragic that instead of taking advantage of Kashmir Mainstream showing some sort of togetherness as that could be an instrument of relief to the Centre, instead of show of muscle in Kashmir as way to the concept of promoting the Constitutional Relationship, through dialogue and discussion!
He added that the Centre has to grope in the dark for some time more before it realises that the only way to resolve Kashmir Impasse would be to open a political dialogue, at the earliest.
“May be, the J&K UT Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha, being a person of political experience, can help in this process” he said
He blamed Madhav that his ghost writer has done a dis-service to Ram Madhav by quoting British Communist Intellectual Philip Spratt wrongly; as he (Spratt) had suggested that the solution to Kashmir problem should be tinged with morality!
He ended that Kashmiries want that highest lesson of morality for the Union would be to show respect to the aspirations of the people of Kashmir. Fortunately, the Constitution of India also envisages that.(CNS)

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