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‘Modi-made disasters’: Rahul Gandhi slams Centre over GDP nosedive, covid surge

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday hit out at the government over a host of issues like contraction of India’s GDP, job loss, GST compensation, terming them all “Modi-made disasters.” He also accused the Centre of not being able to control the rising cases of coronavirus in the country and of failing to address incidents of aggression on the border.

Stating that India is “reeling under Modi-made disasters,” Gandhi listed six issues in his tweet. “1. Historic GDP reduction -23.9% 2. Highest Unemployment in 45 yrs 3. 12 Crs job loss 4. Centre not paying States their GST dues 5. Globally highest COVID-19 daily cases and deaths 6. External aggression at our borders,” Gandhi’s tweet read.

After the GDP numbers were released, Rahul Gandhi had attacked the Centre over the slump alleging that the “ruining” of the economy began with demonetisation and the government thereafter introduced one “erroneous” policy after another

With the Indian economy contracting by 23.9 per cent in the first quarter of 2020, Rahul Gandhi accused the Centre of ignoring repeated warnings from experts on the extent to which the coronavirus pandemic had affected the economy. The GDP contraction is the sharpest contraction since quarterly figures started being published in 1996 and worse than what was expected by most analysts.

Earlier former Union finance minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram termed the GDP numbers an “economic tragedy”, and said the “country was paying a heavy price” for the “nonchalant and uncaring” attitude of the Modi government.

For the past few days, India has been reporting more than 75,000 new cases almost every day, more than any other country has ever done. There are nearly 38 lakh infections and over 65,000 deaths due to the virus in the country.

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