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Gupkar declaration is tool to gain sympathy for power : BJP

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Bharatiya Janta Party’s Kashmir Unit Friday stated that Gupkar declaration is used as a tool to gain sympathy and power. Those who are claiming restoration of Article 370 and other things are living in the fool’s paradise.

Party’s senior leader and Media-in charge, Manzoor Bhat said some people in the region have become frustrated and have a lust for power.

“They want to create the same pressure group like “All Jammu and Kashmir Plebiscite Front”, in 1955, which was founded by Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beg, just to gain power.

“Now it is the same frustration for power and chair but people have rejected them as they have looted JK from the past 70 years,” Bhat said.

Bhat said the family system of politics has ended and people knew tactics of both NC and PDP leaders, he said.

He said ‘Abdullah’s and other leaders have become hungry for power and looted J&K from the past 70 years to impose their family politics and agenda. Now they want gain sympathy through Gupkar Declaration which is just eyewash to befool people.

As per Bhat, the same leaders are rejected by people as they were compelled to form a pressure group for Article 370 restoration but BJP would not repeat 1955’s situation in JK.

“Now the has changed. There is nothing that can be anti clock in future. Farooq Abdullah has repeated the history of his father in 1955 to gain power but central leadership will not happen this time,” he said.

Bhat said it is not congress time’s when he was given Chief Minister’s Chair in 1975 by Indira Gandhi. Time has changed and these things will not be repeated again to boost separatism, terrorism and radicalism in the region, he said.

“Now it is the government of PM Narendra Modi and such things will not be tolerated anymore. The aim of the so-called Gupkar declaration is to move JAND Kashmir to the est era but common people are more clever and they under the gravity of the situation,” he said.

As per him, these so-called leaders are trying to befool people but they are biggest fools on the earth and people have rejected them.(KNS)

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