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Still waters of Dal Lake are witnessed to its slow death as in this month of August 2020, there is no tourism or activity within the Lake. Like rest of Srinagar city, Dal Lake along its houseboats have yet to see any visitor or tourist in the past 13 months.

With no economic activities people living within the Dal Lake have been doing their bit to keep the lake clean by disposing off solid waste and trying to clean the lake from the polythene bags and of thousands bottles littered on its waters.

With conservation projects in Dal Lake limbo, it is very unfortunate that the soul of Srinagar city is dying a slow death with the government looking the other way.

In the past 13 months LAWDA the government agencies are responsible for its preservation and cleaning is nowhere visible within or outside the water body.

Now the de-weeding operations are conducted only on the main boulevard road on the Dal rim to show to the officers who go for playing golf, that all is well and Dal Lake is clean.

It is unfortunate that few shikaras have been deployed by LAWDA along with few laborers to extract weed from this water body. As the human activities have decreased in Dal Lake, weeds have grown within the water body at an alarming speed.

If the authorities will not take immediate measures it may be too late to save this world famous Dal Lake in Srinagar city.

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