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With each passing day, there are growing numbers of Covid-19 cases in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir in spite of the fact that the government maintained a strict lockdown for more than five months to flatten the curve.

Soon after the new LG took over, he directed the administration to ease restrictions on the daily and not keep people indoors without going for rapid testing.

According to the doctors in the hospitals of Srinagar, due to the Covid wards already running at full capacity, some patients have taken to dragging their beds out into the hospital corridor to keep some distance from other patients.

The patients think that their chances of recovery will reduce and they too will test positive repeatedly because they are continuously staying in a ward filled with infected patients.

Doctors are worried that the easing of lockdown measures will likely see a spike and the current health infrastructure might not be sufficient to handle the new load.

In Srinagar, Covid-19 patients are treated at the Chest and Disease (CD) hospital and Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIIMS Bemina) apart from JNLM hospital. However, hotels and other buildings have been turned into quarantine centers, with people complaining about ill to no treatment in these centers.

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