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It is because of the severe criticism to the decisions of UT administration of Jammu and Kashmir by the trade bodies of Kashmir that finally Srinagar has been opened after five months of lockdown which continued on the perception in the government officers that by keeping the population indoors Covid-19 curve will flatten.

KCCI has blamed bureaucrats especially the district magistrate of Srinagar for the present mess of rising Covid cases and claimed that he has spent huge funds on purchase of barriers despite Kashmir having the highest inventory of barriers including Barbed Wires available.

Similarly KCCI claimed that the prices of critical care medical equipment on the private outlets including Oxygen Concentrators has skyrocketed without any system of checks and balances in place.

KCCI in its statement has given a lot of information of how the guidelines issued by Chairman of the State Disaster Management Authority, were amended all the districts of Kashmir to suit the needs of bureaucrats. Even there has been no proper advertisement campaign to educate people about the guidelines during the unlock period.

The statement claimed that golf courses were open for officers and police while even the small shopkeepers were sent to jail for violating the lockdown in Srinagar city.

KCCI in its statement claimed, “As we begin to introspect what we got in the past 70 years, it would be only fair to start with the current year and we feel that the example of Government’s Golf Policy would suffice to illustrate the Government’s benevolence on ground.

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