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Traders put question mark on the shutter down order

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Kashmir Trade Alliance (KTA) has questioned the Administration whether the closure of shops and businesses could curb the spread of the Coronavirus. President KTA Ajaz Shahdhar said that The spread of the corona virus could have been prevented in this way, today there are not more than 500 corona cases a day in the valley. He said that in the first phase, shops, businesses and shopping malls remained closed during the worst lockdown for three consecutive months. During this period, the number of cases increased dramatically, and in the second phase, shops in Srinagar and other districts were kept closed for 20 consecutive days, but even during that period, not only the number of cases of Corona virus increase, but also the incurable deaths. Ajaz Shahhdhar said that even after Eid, shops and businesses have been closed for 10 days in the shutter down of the third phase, and the death toll has crossed 12 on a daily basis.

” administration Has made lockdown a joke, people move from one place to another without interruption They can come and go, this is not a lockdown, but it is a confusing torment, The administration should now come forward with a new plan “. Shahdar said.

President Kashmir Trade Alliance in a statement to KNS, said the shutter down could not control the corona but it is necessary to abide by the rules issued by the SoP of the Department of Health and Specialists. Shahdar advised the government to withdraw the shutter down order. He said that Ensure compliance with regulations to prevent coronavirus on the ground and mobilize government machinery and staff. The President of Kashmir Trade Alliance also advised the Lieutenant Governor’s Administration to strengthen the health sector so that the people affected by this global epidemic could be treated in the best possible way. Shahdar demanded from the new Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha that He should reconsider this lockdown project and immediately issue orders to resume business activities.(KNS)

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