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Covid-19 update: Yoga institutes, gyms to open from August 5; govt issues guidelines

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Yogic kriyas are to be avoided or planned in open spaces. Users to be put in batches and allocated staggered timings to avoid overcrowding of people while entering and exiting the fitness centre. Each batch could have a gap of 15-30 minutes in between to keep rush at bay and facilitate cleaning and disinfecting process, the release stated. “Those having oxygen saturation level below 95% should not be allowed to exercise,” the release added.


“Individuals must maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet as far as feasible,” the guidelines stated. Wearing of masks and face covers is mandatory, however, those may cause breathing difficulties during exercising, therefore, the government has said people can use a visor as a preventive measure.

Frequent hand washing and using hand sanitisers have been emphasised by the MHA which has also advised a strict practice of “respiratory etiquettes”.

“Cover mouth and nose while sneezing/coughing with a tissue, cloth or flexed elbow and dispose off used tissue properly,” the guidelines stated.

The owners and managers of gymnasiums and yoga institutes have been directed to plan fitness activities keeping the floor area of 4m2 per person. Equipment and machines should be placed at a distance of 6 feet. Utilisation of outdoor space, if any, has been encouraged. The institutes have also been asked to create specific pathways for entry and exit points into the premises by using floor or wall markings. Regular and timely disinfection of premises, machines, equipment to be carried out.

“Promote card-based, contactless payment,” the guidelines read. The government has also called for the need to limit staff on general gym floor or in specific workout areas.

Only asymptomatic people are to be allowed admission. Thermal screening of all users to be carried out mandatorily. A minimum distance of six feet to maintained at all time. Staggered batches and proper arrangement at parking spaces, corridors and elevators to avoid overcrowding and ensure social distancing. The administration is required to maintain a detailed account of check-in and check-out time of the users along with their details including name, address and contact information.

Spas, sauna, steam baths and swimming pools shall remain shut.


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