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The petitioners of 4G services in Jammu and Kashmir 4G services have approached the Supreme Court for the initiation of contempt proceedings against Union Home secretary and UT chief secretary regarding this matter.

The Attorney general and Solicitor general contested the claim of petitioners that no committee was formed as directed by the Supreme Court to take a final call for the restoration of high speed internet in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Government advocates tell the Supreme Court that the committee was formed and even the decisions were taken by the committee regarding the lifting of curbs on 4G services here.

The Solicitor General while pleading on behalf of the government said, “How can there be contempt if the committee has already been put in place”.

He said not only had the committee been set up, but decisions had also been taken and reviewed.

On behalf of the petitioner, senior advocate Hufeja Ahmadi said: “Contempt is clear because they did not publish the orders. They did not put it in the public domain.” While pleading on behalf of petitioners the lawyers said the government advocates were trying to mislead the court and save responsible officers from contempt.

The people of Jammu & Kashmir continue to suffer, medical facilities continue to suffer, and children cannot take online classes. What the entire country enjoys, only this region cannot,” Ahmadi said, adding that it violated their fundamental rights under Article 21 of the Constitution.

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