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After relaxation of a few weeks’ authorities in Srinagar city re-imposed lockdown in most parts. There was a steep rise in Covid positive cases in the entire Kashmir valley especially in Srinagar city.

Neither the administration nor the people were able to understand the gravity of the situation and the responsibilities. Most of our bureaucrats look to New Delhi even to make local decisions on ground. When the entire country unlocked the UT administration of Jammu and Kashmir followed the suit without any preparations on the ground.

People of Srinagar city and other parts of Kashmir valley showed no seriousness to follow the guidelines like social distancing and wearing masks during the unlock phase.

Government virtually stopped monitoring the situation on the ground as right from the first day of unlocking, people started violating the SOP’s and the result could have been imagined by any right thinking officer.

Soon hospitals of Srinagar started receiving cases with coronavirus positive symptoms. Still the administration waited and even gave a confusing signal to the masses.

They opened gardens and parks encouraging people to mingle freely. Similarly they decided to hold a limited Amarnath Yatra and gave people the feeling that coronavirus was virtually over.

In such a situation, the writing was on the wall that coronavirus positive cases will show a surge in Srinagar and other parts of the valley. But the entire blame cannot be put on administration as we have also failed to respond to the repeated appeals of the government to maintain social distance and other precautions.

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