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13th July 1931 day ignited political awakening among muslims: ANC

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Senior vice president of Awani National Conferee (ANC) on Sunday in a press statement to KNS said, the bloodshed of Muslims on 13th July 1931 brought about a political awakening amongst them which led to launch of a peaceful struggle for their basic rights. This formed the beginning of the organised freedom struggle under the leadership of Shere kashmir Sheikh Mohd Abdullah against autocracy under which they were suffering untold miseries for more than eight decades.
The 1931 uprising was preceded by important developments like Shawl baaf agitation, Silk factory agitation, Mulki agitation & landless peasants deplorable conditions.
The pitiable economic condition of the peasants constituting 80% of kashmir population with no proprietary rights on their lands, discrimination against them in Govt. services & total absence of basic rights & civil liberties with untold religious bias.
This exploded in the 84 th year of the Autocratic rule which in its repressive existence gunned down 23 unarmed Muslims at the srinagar Central jail when a huge crowd had gathered to witness the trial of Abdul Qadeer khan charged for inciting Muslims against Maharaja Hari Singh’s rule. This was stated by Awami National Conference President Begum Khalida Shah in a press statement issued in srinagar today while paying tributes to the Martyrs on the occasion of 13 th JulyMartyrs Day celebrations falling tomorrow.
The ANC Chief reminded the RSS & the BJP leadership that no matter what restrictions or curbs they may put in place under the barrel of the gun, the people of the State of Jammu & Kashmir at large cannot forget this sacrifice of their Martyrs. They had raised their voice for the voiceless irrespective of caste, creed, religion or region. The poverty of the Muslims in particular as well as other downtrodden masses throughout Jammu, kashmir & Ladakh was appalling. Dressed in rags barely hiding their bodies & barefooted, the peasantry gave an appearance of starving beggars than the ones filling the coffers of the State.
Begun Khalida Shah questioned the wisdom of the ruling class hell bent on dividing J&K on communal lines with cancellation of 13 th July as a public holiday in honour of our Martyrs & the severe restrictions imposed across the state on this day. No matter what, all these tactics are bound to fail. The State of Jammu & kashmir will ease out the BJP & RSS from its soil. There is no place for communal hatred on this Holy land. The divisive politics will meet its end very shortly with the pluralistic culture of our State standing the test of time. (KNS)

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