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Ladakh region has a strange history of coronavirus. At the initial stage many people in Leh and Kargil were infected with coronavirus but the prompt action taken by health authorities not only flatten the curve but also reversed the trend.

After a few months of struggle, along with people of Ladakh health authorities declared the region as coronavirus free. Most of the patients recovered and due to immediate ground actions, the spread of virus was contained.

It was only after displaced Ladakhis started coming back as they were trapped in many places during the lockdown of the central government that fresh positive cases were reported.

Currently Ladakh region has more than 1000 cases of coronavirus and the trend is growing. Amid this growing pandemic, the authorities have failed to provide them proper communication as many areas have no telephone communication post LAC standoff with Chinese army.

There are dozens of patients in the isolation wards and many of them are under home quarantine as the positive cases are only growing both in Leh and Kargil districts. According to the health authorities, there are many factors responsible for the spread of coronavirus in the region and the Union Territory officials of Ladakh are not showing an inclination to listen to the common people in the area.

According to the health officials who are dealing with Covid positive patients, the recovery rate has gone up to 78 per cent with 777 patients recovering in the Union Territory of Ladakh.

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