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Kashmir valley in general and Srinagar city in particular is witnessing hot days of summer with no respite insight. Hot weather conditions persist and it is resulting in a lot of problems for elderly people and for the children.

According to the Meteorological Department Srinagar city is witnessing a surge in temperatures and the curve is moving up. The hot and humid days are resulting in a lot of problems for the elderly people as due to the pandemic most of them are remaining indoors making it difficult for the families to take care of them.

The weatherman has forecast more dry days ahead and the people of Kashmir are not used to such long spells of hot days and it has already resulted in youth going to lakes and water bodies to take a bath to beat the heat.

According to the Meteorological Department North Kashmir is witnessing more heat and the temperatures are higher than the city and other places of Kashmir. In spite of heat and humid conditions, health resorts of Kashmir are still witnessing pleasant weather but not tourists around.

In these summer months Kashmir has zero tourism and the industry has suffered from the past one year after the government gave 24 hours to tourists and yatris to leave Kashmir valley before August 5, abrogation of article 370, last year. Amid soaring temperatures, the authorities are not visible in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir as most of the administration is busy in fighting pandemic as the positive cases of coronavirus are also going up in the entire Kashmir valley.

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