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Hakeem Yaseen calls for stern action against profiteers of essential commodities

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Chairman Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) Hakeem Yaseen has urged the authorities at the helm of affairs to conduct intensified market checking on daily basis to control skyrocketting prices of essential commodities in the market He said
‌ taking undue advantage of situation emerging out of Coronavirus pandemic, vegetable sellers, vendors and butchers have resorted a looting spree of people at thier sweet will ,
In a statement issued to KNS, on Saturday Hakeem Yaseen has said that some unscrupulous shopkeepers and traders in the garb of prevailing chaotic situation arising out of the out break of Coronavirus pandemic , are resorting to undue profiteering and sell goods to the hapless consumers at exhorbitant prices. ” With no organised market checking in sight on the ground , almost every trader is selling essential commodities especially groceries , vegetables and meat on exhorbitant rates,” Hakeem Yaseen said while urging the government to launch a vigorous price checking drive in various cities and towns of the state to keep a cab on the prices of essential commodities in the market.
He said government was duty-bound to come to the rescue of the populace in these testing times and to tackle all the eventualities arising out of the spread of Coronavirus pandemic , may that be medical emergencies , financial fall outs or breakdown of social urgencies.
Hakeem Yaseen has urged for punitive punishment to the elements found taking advantage of the grim situation arising out of the spread of Coronavirus especially against unscrupulous traders , vegetable vendors and meat sellers so that people are not fleeced.
Hakeem Yaseen has said random market checking being conducted presently has proved ineffective adding that a comprehensive and vigorous clampdown against profiteers was need of the hour.(KNS)

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