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There are alarming trends available regarding the spread of coronavirus In Jammu and Kashmir. After the unlock first phase it was expected that there would be a spike in Covid cases in the entire Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

According to health officials, there is a growing rate of people being cured and also there is a growing number of deaths. Recently the tragic deaths crossed 100 in Jammu and Kashmir showing that Covid threat is far from over.

In such a situation, it is the collective duty of all people living here to maintain social distance and also take all the precautions while coming out from their homes to earn their livelihoods. Because any violation of SOP’s prescribed by the authorities will lead to tragic deaths and it is prudent on the part of citizens to have precautions while coming on the streets.

Covid-19 virus is going to stay and until the vaccine is not available there is no other way to fight the virus than taking precautions prescribed by the government. People will have to show patience and exercise caution and should come out of their homes only when it is much needed. Some people think that the virus threat is over and they are behaving more than normal on the streets and are trying to violate the norms prescribed by the government to overcome the crisis.

Amid growing cases of coronavirus in Kashmir valley, authorities will have to exercise more presence on the streets and at all the joints where people meet especially in the markets and also in the government offices.

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