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India coronavirus numbers explained: Bad June, two lakh cases in last 12 days

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India Coronavirus (Covid-19) Cases Numbers: More than 3.86 lakh people in India were found infected with novel Coronavirus in the month of June alone, putting the country amongst the four worst affected nations in the world. Only the United States, Brazil and Russia have more cases, and at least one of them, Russia, is likely to be overtaken by India within a week, if the current trends continue.

India had 1.98 lakh confirmed cases of the disease on May 31, and in the next one month this number has risen to 5.85 lakh. The last two lakh cases were added in just 12 days.

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The number of active cases, the people who were yet to recover and needed medical attention, increased from about 97,000 at the end of May to about 2.2 lakh now, which conveys a sense of the burden that the hospitals and health infrastructure in the country are faced with.

Over 11,800 Coronavirus-related deaths were reported in the month of June, which is more than twice the number that was reported in the three previous months. About 48.6 lakh samples were tested in the month, which is more than half of the total number tested till now.

The only consolation is that while the confirmed cases were growing at the rate of 4.78 per cent (seven-day compounded daily growth rate) at the end of May, it is growing at only 3.61 per cent now. The growth rate had been declining through most of June, but it has begun to climb again from June 20, albeit very slowly.

Maharashtra continued to contribute the largest number of new cases every dayeven as its rate of growth slowed down progressively, but the main drivers of growth were other states. Delhi and Tamil Nadu, and later Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka happened to be the high growth states. Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Haryana, Kerala, and West Bengal consistently contributed large number of new cases, while Tripura, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, and even Ladakh reported periodic surges in their numbers.

With 1.74 lakh confirmed cases on Tuesday, Maharashtra now accounts for 29.8 per cent of India’s caseload, which is down from about 35 per cent at the end of May. The state currently has 12 per cent of all the active cases in the country. At the end of May, it had 18 per cent. Tamil Nadu and Delhi, both contribute about 15 per cent each to the total caseload.

coronavirus, coronavirus news, covid 19, india covid 19 cases, coronavirus india updateTop ten states with maximum caseload

The number of people being found infected with the virus every day is still substantially higher than those who are recovering from the disease every day. This is a key indicator. If the number of daily recoveries become higher than the number of daily new cases, and continues to remain so for at least two weeks, it could be a signal that the peak has arrived. However, that stage seems far away right now. As of now, the daily new infections are at least 5,000 to 6,000 more than the number of people recovering that day.

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