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The growing drug abuse in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir has forced the doctors association to intervene through the media asking different wings of the society including parents to play their role to save our next generations from getting spoiled.

Doctors Associations Kashmir recently in a statement to the media said that when people lose their mental balance, they don’t differentiate between right and wrong. There is a huge loss to family monetarily and socially.

Both drugs and alcohol makes a person liable to several kinds of infections and diseases like HIV hepatitis B and C through syringes in IV drug abusers.

Diseases like fatty liver, cirrhosis, cardiac ailments, encephalopathy, accidents, and blood borne ugly infections are very common among alcohol users.

DAK said that a lot of road accidents happen due to alcohol or drug abuse by drivers seeking concrete measures as a multi pronged strategy for the remedial measures.

The doctor’s body said that traffic police and other departments deputed on roads and highways should be equipped with instruments to check alcohol abuse by drivers.

The DAK president said that people who are involved in the trade of drugs make huge money out of it and they have destroyed almost one generation of youth.


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