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The Darbar Move decision of the government has taken a political turn as different political parties have blamed the administration for being biased with Kashmir. In the recent past almost all the political parties of Kashmir have expressed their reservations about the decision.

Recently the left party CPI (M) said that J&K administration’s decision to allow key Durbar Move departments to function from Jammu may further deepen the misunderstandings between Kashmir and Jammu regions.

In a statement issued to the media recently it said that Unfortunately, there are already a lot of misunderstandings between Kashmir and Jammu regions and such orders I am afraid have potential to widen those misunderstandings. The order seems to be divisive and may further deepen the suspicion between the two diverse regions on either sides of Pirpanjal range.

People of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh have been living together for longer periods with amity and brotherhood. The need is to strengthen and nurture this unity in diversity and not create further wedges between the people of different regions.

Unfortunately, the latest decision by the government to station important departments in Jammu during the summer has put an end to the participative feeling of people of Kashmir. Initially in April the administrations cited Covid19 pandemic as reason for not shifting the Move offices from Jammu to Srinagar. Now the recent order that several departments will function from Jammu has added to the confusion.

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