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Doctors association of Kashmir after the recent controversy of faulty tests has come to the defense of the testing labs, in Kashmir. In a statement they have said that there is always for space for errors and mistakes do happen. In this connection DAK in a statement said that best efforts, no test can be 100% accurate.

DAK said that every test has its own rate of true positive, false positive, false negative and true negative.

According to statement issued to media, DAK said RT-PCR Covid- is highly specific that means if a patient tests positive, it is imperative to believe that person has infection, as the test is based on amplification of gene sequence very specific to virus. Defending the testing labs in Kashmir it said that false positive is very rare possibility and occur if there is contamination of the sample, at the site of collection which may be wild theoretical guess.

All the senior doctors in Kashmir have said that sensitivity of test ranges from 50 to 60 percent and it further depends on many factors like viral load, site of specimen, timing of specimen, technical expertise etc.

Therefore, a person testing negative doesn’t rule out infection and all persons at high risk should go for strict 14 days home quarantine irrespective of test result, but such rules are only for common people as the people and families with influence have not even gone for the home  quarantine as they were set free allegedly by police and administration.

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