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Apni Party goes on offensive against J&K Government

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In one after another stinging attack on the UT government of J&K, Apni Party has accused it of throwing governance to winds.

A statement by the party on Tuesday said that the fissures and groupies in bureaucracy has left the governance tottering . Short of saying , it is anti- people , the party that was considered to be close to Delhi , said that the bureaucracy has been divided into loyalists to the Lt. Governor and chief secretary. The party is headed by Altaf Bukhari, who is also reported to be deeply disturbed by the manner in which things were happening in J& K.

Yesterday, the party leader Ghulam Hassan Mir who was minister in different governments had criticised the government for not taking Durbar – seat of the government to Srinagar.

Today, another leader Rafi Ahmad Mir took upon the government for the divided shape of its face in J&K.  Rafi Ahmad Mir on Tuesday said the governance in J&K has come to a grinding halt mainly because of sharp groupism in bureaucracy which seems to be busy in proving loyalties towards their respective centres of influence.  “The J&K is witnessing a kind of uncertainty and an unwanted decay in its governance apparatus mainly because of the lobbyism of its senior civil service officers and the same is going unnoticed in the din of COVID pandemic in Jammu and Kashmir,” Mir said in a statement issued here.

He said that the some officers who show their inclination towards Rajbhawan are unfortunately at loggerheads with their bureaucratic colleagues who toe the line of highest office in civil secretariat resulting into a growing gulf between people and the dispensation at the helms of affairs. “First the implementation of J&K Reorganization Act 2019 in Jammu and Kashmir was carried out on divisive lines by certain vested interests who want Kashmir to remain distant from developmental activities. Now there are some status quoist senior officers who have rendered execution of critical public welfare projects and schemes badly affected,” Mir said.

The JKAP leader observed that the management of COVID pandemic across Kashmir have been handed over to some officers who are completely inaccessible to people not to talk of their response on developmental activities which have come to a complete standstill for obvious reasons. “This is because these officers think they are unaccountable because of their close proximity with the power corridors,” he added.

Mir observed that “all such truant and unscrupulous officers, who have exacerbated the deadlock in developmental activities in J&K with the patronage of their respective benefactors, be brought to task and the union home minister should ensure to cease this deep polarization among officers which is eating into vitals of the edifice of governance.”

Mir also censured the J&K government for side-lining the officers of a particular region on the basis of their region and religion. “The J&K government was supposed to follow egalitarian ideology of welfare for the common man and its policies were not supposed to bound by regional, religious and caste-based equations,” he added.

The JKAP leader said that his party is determined to fight the nefarious designs of some vested interest groups who are hell bent to inflict an irreversible harm on the constitutional ethos of the federalism.

Mir said that there is a general feeling that the L-G’s administration in J&K, with its apathetic bureaucratic raj, has failed to address the issues of the people. “The governance in Kashmir on the ground is totally invisible and there is absolutely no accountability in the absence of the people’s representatives. There is wide gulf between the administration and the people,” Mir observed, adding that the state bureaucracy continues to be forgetting their constitutional and professional obligations.


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