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Student community in Kashmir valley was eagerly waiting for the Supreme Court direction regarding the restoration of 4G services in Kashmir valley.

But the top court on Monday while refusing to issue the orders for complete restoration of 4G services has directed formation of special committee to address the issues raised by petitioners.

The petitioners had pleaded before the court with affidavits from students, doctors and traders explaining how they were being denied access to their respective fields by the slow speed of internet.

Internet services have remained by and large disrupted in Kashmir valley since August 5 last year and was restored only few months back but with curbs on the speed of the internet.

The government has pleaded before the courts that they cannot allow high speed internet restoration in Kashmir valley as it was having a direct impact on national security. They expressed their doubts that forces against the peace in Kashmir valley will use high speed internet for the coordination of attacks on security forces and for the circulation of propaganda material to incite people to violence.

Students have been pleading with government that low speed internet was hindering their virtual class rooms and they were not able to exchange large number of files like videos, high resolution pictures and above all live streaming of educational classes.

In such a scenario students will have to bear with the low speed internet and start participating in virtual classrooms despite distortions in getting the education and other problems due to low speed.

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