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Revenue officials trigger protests in Aripal Tral area

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  • By: Bhat Shahnawaz
    Aripal: Revenue officials on Friday resorted to biased cutting of Russian poplar trees, triggering protest in Nayabat of Lurgam in Aripal Tehsil of Tral. Residents said that revenue officials used foul language and were biased and selective while ordering a cutting of trees in Panzoo and other adjacent villages of Lurgam.
    Villagers told this reporter that 2 years back irrigation and flood control department did cut some Russian Poplar trees but only of poor families. They alleged that revenue officials this time while doing the same exercise were cutting the trees of poor families only. They have appealed DC Pulwama and other officials to visit Aripal Tehsil of Tral and see for them selves  how revenue officials are were behaving with common villagers.
    Villagers said that team lead by Ashid Ahmad (Patwari) Imtiyaz Ahmad (Patwari), Bashir Ahmad (Junior Assistant) and village committee members.
  • Villagers in Aripal tasil said that their where hundreds of popular trees around the rice fields, resulting in shade and less growth of rice .
  • When this reporter confronted officials with facts , they misbehaved with this reporter

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